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r. hjalmartazar
most current movie poll 
2nd-Jun-2017 10:41 pm
whistling lab
for FFAF, help pick the movie!

we voted last week and there was a tie btwn 10 and 10:30. let's try 10:30 and see how it works for ppl.

for october, we decided to watch only horror movies. i made a massive poll of movie choices: https://goo.gl/nQNgjT
i tried to pick a variety.
same rules apply: once per day, but you can vote for more than one movie at a time.
it's open now (monday) and will go thru friday night @ 10pm.
for now, let's vote all week and on friday we can decide if we want to reset the votes or continue voting in the same poll.

this stuff does not apply for october!!
GENRE POLL LINK --> https://goo.gl/LRcRE7 this is the URL for the genre poll from now on. it will reset and be ready every monday! it automatically shuts off by midnight, friday. genre poll will go up during the ffaf.

please suggest only netflix movies, but don't suggest like 20 of them lmao

MOVIE POLL LINK --> https://goo.gl/YG3MMJ this will always be the URL for the genre poll. It will start @ 10 PM and shut off automatically @ 11. you can vote for more than one movie but each movie gets only one vote. if you're watching the movie you can vote (e.g. if your SO is watching it with you, they can vote too). but please use the honor system and don't throw the poll :)

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