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FilmStruck cancelled; Barry Jenkins and others react

  • FilmStruck is a streaming service that affordably provided old, rare, arthouse, independent and classic movies and documentaries. Earlier today, Turner and Warner Bros. Digital Network announced that it will be shutting down the service.

  • The Criterion Channel, which was on FilmStruck, will obviously be affected and now has to find a new home.

  • In a joint statement, Turner and Warner stated, “While FilmStruck has a very loyal fanbase, it remains largely a niche service."

  • Honestly, just blame AT&T.

  • FilmStruck will be gone as of November 29.

  • People on Twitter reacted quite strongly today:

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Will the end of FilmStruck affect you? What streaming services other than Prime or Netflix do you like? Do you still buy physical media?
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#RyanNeedsGrinder: Campaign to get Ryan Gosling to visit Toronto cafe finally worked

someone's post got approved first but since i already had this in my journal i figured i'd post it because it's quite frankly qt

  • Independent coffee shop Grinder Coffee in Toronto has been campaigning on social media to get Ryan Gosling to stop in for a cup of coffee while he's in town for TIFF.

  • Owner of Grinder Coffee, Joelle Murray, says in this video that the campaign is to "promote spots outside of the entertainment district or Yorkville."

  • The coffee shop had previously unsuccessfully campaigned for Idris Elba to stop by.

The campaign worked!

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One, how do you take your coffee, and two, would you have a coffee date with Ryan Gosling?
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Celebrities tweet about the #mprraccoon, who captivated the world last night in death-defying climb

since i wasnt allowed to post this on ONTD i'm saving it for my own journal

ICYMI: Yesterday, a raccoon was spotted climbing the USB building Minnesota. The photo taken from the 13th floor went viral, and the world watched with bated breath as the raccoon climbed higher and higher. Traps were set on the building's rooftop in the hope that the little guy would make his (or her) way to the top of the building. All the drama unfolded in real time, as local Minnesota news live-streamed the raccoon's climb up, then back down, then back up again. The #mprraccoon made it as high as the 23rd floor before getting ontop of the roof to safety. Even famous folks found themselves caught up in the spectacle:

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The USB plaza's official Twitter account reported the raccoon safe!

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What a feel-good story! Were you following it, ONTD?
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most current movie poll

for FFAF, help pick the movie!


GENRE POLL LINK --> https://goo.gl/LRcRE7 this is the URL for the genre poll!
it automatically shuts off by midnight, friday. MOVIE poll will go up during the ffaf.

please suggest only netflix movies, but don't suggest like 20 of them lmao

MOVIE POLL LINK --> https://goo.gl/YG3MMJ this will always be the URL for the movie poll. VOTING WILL START DURING FFAF and will end @ 10 PM. you can vote for more than one movie but each movie gets only one vote. anyone watching the movie can vote (e.g. if your SO is watching it with you, they can vote too). but please use the honor system and don't throw the poll :)

NEW FOR 2018.. BIRTHDAY MOVIE CHOICE! ---> https://goo.gl/7zvgLr
if you want to participate, click "OTHER" in the poll and write in your LJ name and your birth date.
during your birthday week you will pick the genre and select up to 4 movies for us to vote on.

BIRTHDAY MOVIE POLL --> https://goo.gl/kKYz2z this poll is to be used during the nights when we are going to watch a movie based on the birthday ONTDer's picks.

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