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#RyanNeedsGrinder: Campaign to get Ryan Gosling to visit Toronto cafe finally worked

someone's post got approved first but since i already had this in my journal i figured i'd post it because it's quite frankly qt

  • Independent coffee shop Grinder Coffee in Toronto has been campaigning on social media to get Ryan Gosling to stop in for a cup of coffee while he's in town for TIFF.

  • Owner of Grinder Coffee, Joelle Murray, says in this video that the campaign is to "promote spots outside of the entertainment district or Yorkville."

  • The coffee shop had previously unsuccessfully campaigned for Idris Elba to stop by.

The campaign worked!

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One, how do you take your coffee, and two, would you have a coffee date with Ryan Gosling?
Tags: #believeinsomething, #coffee, #gerrardstreeteast, #ryangosling, #ryanneedsgrinder, #tiff, #tiff18, #toronto
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